How can I submit questions and feature requests?

You can reach us via email at bod3eco@gmail.com, on Twitter at @DelayteApp or on Instagram at @Delayte.App

I deleted one of my items, are they recoverable?

To protect user privacy, your photos, videos, and screenshots are never backed up to a remote server. Therefore when an image expires and is deleted by the app or manually deleted by you, it is permanently deleted.

Can I store an image or video for more than 90 days?

The goal of this app is to reduce digital junk and digital hoarding. At this time we do not support longer term delays.

Why do some videos say “incompatible video format” when importing?

Because there are an endless number of video formats and ways to encode video files. There are rare times when a video downloaded from the internet may not be compatible with iOS media importer. Some workarounds include:

  • Adding the video into Delayte using the share-extension

  • Editing the video in your camera roll and choosing “Save as New Clip.” In most cases the new clip will be in an Apple compatible format.

What is your privacy policy?

Our policy regarding privacy and what analytics we track can be found here.