Privacy Policy

Delayte does not collect personally identifiable information, nor is such information required to use the application (no log in or account creation required)

However, in order to improve the experience in current and future versions of the app, we do collect some usage data and anonymized location data.

Usage Data:

Usage data collected is restricted to counts of screen views, buttons pressed, or images uploaded. Delayte also tracks automated events such as auto deletions.

Location Data:

Anonymized coarse location (region) data is collected by analytics for the purpose of understanding app distribution in order to improve future versions of the app. For example, adding additional languages to support a country with many users.

User Content:

Your images are never uploaded to any online servers. The functional purpose of Delayte is to delete content when you no longer need it. The only copies of your images exist on your device and when they are deleted automatically or manually by you, the user, they are deleted permanently.

The content of your image tags are also never passed in our usage data only the tag creation event itself. For example, if you created a tag named “travel”, our analytics will log that a tag was created, but not the name of the tag. We may in the future request this information, however, it will be via a survey or an explicit submission by you, the user.

Device Information:

For purposes of maintaining app stability and performance, we collect crash data should the app crash on your device. This data includes anonymized device identifiers, device type, device model, operating system version.